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The Castle in Transylvania strategic program was launched in March 2015 by PONT Group. Over the past two years, with the help of experts, we have developed a trilingual development strategy, we have launched an also trilingual website and a mobile application, which contains valuable information about 300 castles and manors from Transylvania. Moreover, we created a coalition formed by owners and administrators of 30 Transylvanian castles and manors, and we launched an online shop to support the activities of the Coalition.

Read more: Castle in Transylvania website.

YOUR PROPERTY – Mark Yourself was an Awareness Campaign on the value of Intellectual Property among young people. In general youth are interested in innovation & creation and, in the same time, they are full-blown users of intellectual property products. We implemented successfully a multi-level campaign between 2015 and 2017: we organized conferences and workshops, we managed offline and online communication campaigns and we offered 30-hours free consultations with experts in Intellectual Property Rights to young entrepreneurs and freelancers who wish to register their products and brands.

Read more on the campaign’s Facebook page.

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